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We are APT Enterprise, a design and marketing company based in Birmingham, who have seven years’ experience in promotional items and corporate marketing. Since its inception in 2009, we have grown from a small company of four marketing and design professionals, sharing one small office and a tower PC, to a much larger operation. Nowadays we have moved from there, to rather more accommodating premises and no longer have to share the same computer. Which should be a relief to all!

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Which Are The Top Promotional Giveaways In The UK At The Moment?


If you’re the boss of your own firm, or perhaps the marketing manager of one, one thing that you really need to get right is your spending and nowhere is this more important than your advertising budget.

Because ultimately, all promotional materials like branded mugs and pens, which form such an industry amongst businesses in the UK, come under the category of advertising, whether you realise it or not.


Fortunately compared to ‘traditional’ advertising in the local or national press, the whole business of corporate promotional items comes in a whole lot cheaper than placing an ad in the gazette will do.

And the lifespan of your gift will hopefully outlast the day or so that a standard newspaper has before it is either pulped or used to wrap tomorrow’s cod and chips in!

So, which are the industry’s best selling and highest recommended merchandising products to be on the lookout for?


This could incorporate anything, from actual printable workwear – i.e. high visibility jackets, lab coats, overalls to aprons and uniform. Or just any other type of custom made workwear for your staff not only to wear, but to be seen to be wearing, by both the public and customers alike.


However your company’s logo does not have to be limited to actual designated workwear, only intended for office or industrial use.

These days, people actually want to wear the name of the business they either work with or work for, outside in the wider world.

No matter what your business is or does, there is always mileage in a printed logo t shirt, or sweatshirt which can be worn at home, or in the gym, as well as at work.

If you flick through our catalogue for autumn 2016, you will see that branded clothing has moved on from the days of basic t shirts and baseball caps – now you can custom choose the colours, the styles, the design, the logos and everything.

  • bags-and-baggageBAGS AND BAGGAGE

Possibly even more of a good idea than branded clothing, is the branded or corporate logo on a tote bag or other bag of your choice. Whether it’s a laptop carrycase or straightforward backpack, the corporate branded bag gives you the opportunity to either go large and bold with the lettering of your business, or maybe the option to fit a little more about what actually you do as a company.

Or, it could merely feature your logo in a small corner, for the understated look. Either way, a bag can be used by anyone and everyone and it is a good choice for any business looking to get their name out and about around town!

  • gadgetsGADGETS

Never underestimate the power of geeks in your workplace and the role of the small, inexpensive but deeply useful gadget.

For a modest price you could have your name on a USB drive to be sent out to customers, clients and staff alike. Put your name on something useful that will be used, time and again, and people remember your name.

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