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A Gift For All Seasons

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19.Sep, 2016 Comments Off on A Gift For All Seasons Business Consultation,Marketing Strategy,UK Technique

A Gift For All Seasons

When it comes to marketing and the world of business, it seems as if there is always some kind of event around the corner, to hang your product or service on.

Or, at least there should be, if you’re doing it right. Because the one thing you need to be, in any industry or business is up-to-date. If your business outlet has any sort of public face at all, then you have to change your surroundings with the changing seasons.


In other words, when it’s summer, you don’t want to be offering your corporate clients beanie hats and fleecy jackets, but things like branded sunglasses and drinks can coolers.

When you think about it, it sounds fairly obvious, but trust us – we have seen a lot of businesses offering clients lightweight branded t shirts around Christmas time, when snow has been falling and also companies trying to offload Christmas presents in the New Year.

Here is a little guide to what may be appropriate for promotional giveaways, in the UK, depending on what season it is.

For the purposes of this post, we left out Christmas, as it warrants a whole topic on its own!


This one more or less gets underway from the start of New Year. If you are looking to give cheap promotional gifts in the run up to Valentine’s Day – without actually looking like a cheapskate of course – then you want to think pink, literally.

Utilising the colour pink, in whichever gifts you are choosing to use and the use of hearts or flowers in the designs, to tie in with the theme, are some ideas to get you started. But then there is also the option of giving chocolates and wine, with your logo branded on them as well. Consumable items are always popular choices, at any time of year, but Valentines gives you an extra good excuse to dish out the choccies!

pancake-dayPANCAKE DAY

The start of the year can be slack for a lot of businesses, so if things are slow in your industry why not theme things around Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras? Boosting morale in your workplace can be as simple as organising a pancake flipping contest.

We’re not suggesting, perhaps, that you need a branded gift to celebrate Pancake Day, but if you did, t shirts can be printed up quickly and cheaply.


Whether you want to go egg crazy and order branded chocolate Easter gifts for all your corporate clients, Easter is a great opportunity for your business and company promotional items.

If chocolate is not the answer (although how can it not be?) then think all things young and spring like, baby chicks and lambs and so on.


Halloween has grown in popularity in the UK over the last ten years or so, but don’t forget the more home grown event that is bonfire night. Either way, you want to think about orange coloured clothing, bonfire toffees, pumpkins and novelty branded fancy dress – all of which can be custom made.

Now is the best time to start giving warm branded clothing as promotional giveaways for your company or service.

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